Easy language

Internet∙page of the campaign against racism

Here you will find information in plain language.

There is information about a campaign.

This is how you speak: Kam∙pan∙je.

A campaign is when people do something together.

For a goal.

Or against someone's goal.

People then do something together.

For example:

They put up posters.

Or post information on the internet.

And there is information on the Internet∙page.

Note on easy language

Easy language is a very simple form of German.

It has certain rules.

For example:

Long words are written with a period in the middle.

It looks like this: Internet∙seite.

Now the word is easier to read.

1. information about the campaign

Our campaign is against racism.

Racism is discrimination.

Discrimination means:

Someone treats people badly.

Or someone insults them.

Or someone is excluded.

Some people experience discrimination more often

than other people.

For example:

- People from other countries

- People with a different religion

- People with a different language

Then the discrimination is called:


Racism is forbidden.

The campaign should show:

Racism is forbidden.

But people experience racism.

Even in Jena.

The pictures on the Internet∙page show:

People in Jena have experienced racism there.

There are two people in the pictures.

The people are doing the same things.

For example:

They are shopping.

Or they are working.

They are on the phone.

They see a doctor.

Or they are looking for an apartment.

But a person is treated badly.

Because the person comes from another country.

Or because the person speaks a different language.

There is a text for each picture.

It says:

What happened?

Why is the person in the picture being treated badly?

It also says:

This is racism.

And racism is forbidden.

The campaign should also show:

All people have the same human∙rights.

All people should be treated well.

All people can defend themselves against racism.

And people should get help.

For example:

- From other people. If they have observed racism.

- Or from the Anti∙Discrimination∙Office.

Do you have questions about the campaign?

Have you experienced or observed racism?

Then you can get in touch with us.

This is how you can reach us:

Phone: 0049 3641 492637

Mail: antidiskriminierung@jena.de

This is the address:

Anti∙Discrimination∙Office City of Jena

Saalbahnhof∙straße 9

07743 Jena

On the Internet∙page you will find

also other information.

For example:

What do people in Jena do

against racism?

For example:

A festival.

Or a work∙shop.

That's how you say it: Wörk∙schopp.

People meet up at a work∙shop.

They want to talk about a topic together.

Do you like the campaign?

Then you can print the images.

Or use them on the internet.

For example, you can also

get a poster from us.

But you are not allowed to do that:

Change our pictures.

For example with other words.