Racism in public?

Zwei Frauen telefonieren jeweils an der Straßenbahnhaltestelle. Das Telefonat einer Frau wird nicht kommentiert. Die andere Frau wird aufgefordert: "Sprich Deutsch!!!" Das Bild enthält auch den Hashtag-Claim #JenaSchauHin und den Text: Rassismus. Unmöglich in Jena?"

A woman with a history of migration is aggressively approached by a complete stranger while she is on the phone at a streetcar stop or entering the streetcar in the Lobeda district. The stranger asks her to speak German on the phone. If she wants to speak Arabic, she should

"go back to where she came from."

Numerous people get on the streetcar with both the woman and the stranger. They all look down at the ground, up in the air or at their smartphones. None of them have an encouraging look for the woman, let alone a word of encouragement.

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