Racism on the housing market?

Zwei Männer stehen jeweils mit einer Umzugskiste in einem Gebäude. Einem Mann wird gesagt: "Willkommen im neuen Zuhause!" Dem anderen Mann wird gesagt: "Das Zimmer ist nicht zu vermieten!" Das Bild enthält auch den Hashtag-Claim #JenaSchauHin und den Text: Rassismus. Unmöglich in Jena?

In agreement with the private landlord, a shared flat in Jena can decide for itself who moves in when a room in the shared flat becomes available. The only condition is that new flatmates must be able to afford the rent.

It was agreed that the flat share would inform the landlord informally when a new person moves in.

A friend of the flat share, who comes from Asia, fulfills the condition and moves in. However, the landlord suddenly refuses to include the man in the tenancy agreement and instead vehemently demands that he move out immediately. However, he does not give any reasons for his refusal, even when asked.

For lack of any other explanation, the flatmates assume that their friend is unwanted as a tenant because of his non-white skin color.

Although the landlord denies having racist motives, he does not give any other reasons why the man should not move in. The flatmates stand up for their new flatmate and seek legal help.

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