Racism in shopping?

Zwei Frauen sind jeweils beim Einkauf zu sehen. Einer Frau wird gewünscht: "Einen schönen Tag!" Die andere Frau wird aufgefordert: "Taschenkontrolle!!!" Das Bild enthält auch den Hashtag-Claim #JenaSchauHin und den Text: Rassismus. Unmöglich in Jena?

In a supermarket in Jena, a customer of Arab origin is asked by the cashier to open her rucksack for a bag check after paying.

The woman does not comply with the request but calmly asks why. The cashier and other staff called in justify the request by saying that there had been numerous thefts in the store.

The customer asks for an explanation of the specific reason why she is the only non-white person in the store to be asked to check her bag. The staff defend the procedure by saying that she is carrying a large rucksack.

The woman points out numerous white customers who are carrying rucksacks of the same size and are not checked. She finally complies with the request to defuse the situation. The check is unsuccessful.

The customer once again points out to the management that she feels racially discriminated against as a result of the incident. The management defends the incident. Checking all customers with rucksacks would be too time-consuming. There is no apology for the effect the incident had on the customer.

The woman describes that she has lived in Germany for over 10 years and has not yet experienced any discrimination. During the incident, however, she felt publicly exposed and unjustly accused. These feelings still preoccupy her intensely.

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